Latest Wi-Fi Protected Access Stories

2014-04-09 08:32:41

NFC enables security-protected Wi-Fi to expand into new products and usages AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With Wi-Fi(® )connecting an ever-widening range of devices, including those for the smart home and Internet of Everything, Wi-Fi Alliance(®) has updated one of its most popular product certification programs to include Near Field Communication (NFC) "tap-to-connect." Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Protected Setup(TM) now offers consumers a simplified option to set up Wi-Fi...

Researchers Find Way To Measure Effect Of Wi-Fi Attacks
2011-09-12 13:09:20

  Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a way to measure how badly a Wi-Fi network would be disrupted by different types of attacks — a valuable tool for developing new security technologies. "This information can be used to help us design more effective security systems, because it tells us which attacks — and which circumstances — are most harmful to Wi-Fi systems," says Dr. Wenye Wang, an assistant professor of electrical and computer...

2011-01-08 08:45:00

A fairly cheap and quick way to break a commonly used form of password protection for wireless networks has been found, according to a security researcher, who says it can be done using powerful computers that anybody can lease from Amazon.com over the Web.Thomas Roth, a computer security consultant from Cologne, Germany, says he can hack into protected networks using special software that he has written that runs on Amazon's cloud-based computers. The software tests 400,000 potential...

2010-03-24 07:00:00

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Trapeze Networks, a Belden brand (NYSE: BDC) today announced it has won a Wi-Fi Alliance 2009 Outstanding Leadership and Contribution award. The Wi-Fi Alliance is an international non-profit organization with global marketing, technology and advocacy programs for Wi-Fi. Each year, the organization recognizes those member companies that have demonstrated exceptional participation in its various program development and certification activities....

2009-05-19 08:00:00

With Wi-Fi(R) at the core of the enterprise network, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED security keeps pace with evolving network landscape AUSTIN, Texas, May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wi-Fi Alliance(R) has updated its certification program expanding its Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2(R)) Enterprise security protocol support. The program update increases the number of extensible authentication protocol methods (EAP types) supported in certification testing from five to seven. This expansion ensures that Wi-Fi...

2009-01-28 12:45:00

U.S. researchers have warned that hi-tech criminals could use wireless access points to spread viruses and worms. They found exposed security holes in large cities and the popularity of the devices make them ideal for spreading malware. The team showed how a worm could gradually infect all access points in urban areas using modeling methods from real diseases and warned that the majority of vulnerable access points would be hit in the first 24 hours of an outbreak. The simulation revealed...

2008-10-28 09:00:17

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced that 5,000 consumer and enterprise products have been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED since the testing program began in March of 2000. Wi-Fi technology is a key feature in consumer electronics such as portable entertainment devices, cameras, televisions and mobile phones, and the global certification program is a fundamental enabler of the technology's proliferation. More than 1,000 Wi-Fi products have been certified since...

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