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2013-06-02 23:00:09

Canada based online store, 123inkcartridges.ca just announced that they will be adding LG 24EN43VS-B 24IN Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor to their inventory. Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 03, 2013 Online Retailer 123inkcartridges.ca is always striving to meet the needs of their customers by constantly expanding their inventory of products. The company recently announced the availability of LG 24EN43VS-B 24IN Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Monitor at their online store. The company is...

Vizio XVT3D580CM CinemaWide 21:9 ratio flat panel TV
2012-06-29 07:53:53

Peter Suciu for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online On Wednesday, TV maker Vizio began shipping its latest widescreen flat panel TV, but this was no mere HDTV. First shown as a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show - not this past January but two and a half years ago - the final version has finally arrived. What makes this set special is that the 58-inch set is the first with CinemaWide 21:9 ratio! Wider as they say is better, but is an ultra-wide TV really necessary? After...

2012-05-17 23:00:10

New Multi-Format Encoding (MFE) process creates Blu-ray discs fully compatible with existing players while offering higher resolution for future devices with MFE decoding capabilities. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) May 17, 2012 Folded Space today announced the development of its MFE encoding software for the next generation of performance from Blu-ray discs for movie content created in popular ultra-wide CinemaScope® formats. Folded Space's software employs proprietary algorithms to...

2012-03-13 08:59:50

It has probably been said many times in the past week (at least in regards to Apple´s iPad), but for the sake of consistency-sake “what´s in a name?” That question may be asked of star crossed lovers, roses and most certainly the new iPad. The latest tablet from Apple isn´t technically called “the new iPad” but it isn´t called iPad 3 either. It is simply the new iPad — as opposed to the New iPad. After all, actually calling it the...

4K TV Could be the Next Step In High Definition TV, But Will Viewers See A Difference?
2012-03-08 05:16:56

Peter Suciu for RedOrbit.com Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual trade event for all things digital, there is a whole lot of hype about television. This is fitting because CES, which recently celebrated its 45th year in existence, has been the place where a lot of TV technology has been introduced. The VCR was introduced at CES in 1970, Laserdisc only four years later in 1984, and more recently HDTV in 1998. Since 1998, the news about TV has been coming in...

2011-06-02 00:00:29

Panamorph, Inc., the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection and home theater industry, announced its new DC1 lens. It's the world's first optically sealed, high-performance anamorphic lens designed to dramatically enhance today's 16:9 projectors when showing films shot in the true widescreen 2.40:1 aspect ratio - the choice of most major motion picture directors. Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) June 01, 2011 Panamorph, Inc., the most recognized and...

2010-11-16 13:32:00

SEATTLE, Nov. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinerama, Seattle's celebrated movie palace, reopens this week after two months of state of the art technical upgrades and period-perfect renovations to its mid-20th-century interiors. And now, when it comes to communicating with its audiences, Cinerama will be 21st century all the way. In addition to launching a redesigned Web site -- www.Cinerama.com -- designed by Portland's Dojo Agency, Cinerama has new Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep fans...

2010-11-05 09:00:00

SEATTLE, Nov. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- After two months' intensive work on rejuvenating interiors and installing state-of-the-art technology, Seattle's popular Cinerama Theatre is ready for its close-up -- again. With a new wide screen, 3D technology, digital projector, updated sound system and refreshed mid-century decor, the theater will reopen its doors with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Friday, November 19( )at 12:01 a.m. (Thursday, midnight). (Because Harry Potter was not...

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