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2009-07-28 08:23:42

Divorce and widowhood are bad for your health, even after you remarry. The impact of chronic illness lingers after remarriage, research at the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins University shows. Even though not all wounds heal, however, you are still better off if you remarry than if you don't."Among the currently married, those who have ever been divorced show worse health on all dimensions," University of Chicago sociologist Linda Waite, co-author of a new study on marriage and...

2008-08-06 21:00:21

Please consider an interview with director/writer Dilip Mehta and producer Noemi Weis. These courageous filmmakers made "The Forgotten Woman," a quietly powerful documentary that looks at the destitution and marginalization of 20 million widows in India. These women are forced by age-old traditions to live out their remaining years isolated from and shunned by the society at large. This staggering number almost equals the entire population of Canada. As part of Independent Documentary...

2006-04-28 01:24:33

By Krittivas Mukherjee KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - Six years ago, when Indian-born director Deepa Mehta set out to make a film about the conflict between conscience and faith, little did she expect the project to end up testing her own beliefs. As the film, 'Water', releases in theatres across the United States on Friday, Mehta says her faith prevailed just like that of the young Hindu widows in the story who struggle to escape the stigma that forces them into a dreary existence. The...

2006-03-14 16:25:00

WASHINGTON -- The sad image of a grieving widow may not be entirely accurate, according to a study published on Tuesday showing that six months after the death of their partner, nearly half of older people had few symptoms of grief. And 10 percent cheered up, according to the survey conducted by the University of Michigan and paid for by the National Institute on Aging. The study, which followed 1,500 couples over the age of 65 for years, looked at the quality of their marriages, their...

2006-03-08 10:20:00

By Amy Norton NEW YORK -- Research has long shown that older adults face a higher risk of death soon after losing a spouse. But a new study suggests that while the phenomenon affects white spouses, the same is not true of black spouses. In an analysis of data on more than 400,000 older married couples in the U.S., researchers found that the death of a spouse appeared to substantially increase a white person's risk of dying -- particularly in the months shortly after the loss. In contrast,...

2006-01-11 08:10:00

By Deepa Babington MOSUL, Iraq -- Three sewing machines in a dingy apartment were all Munna Abdul Adeem Ahmed could scrape together when she set up a tailoring co-op for poor widows. She soon realized it was not enough. More than 1,000 women from the northern city of Mosul turned up looking for work on the first day. Ahmed finally stopped registering new names after the 1,200th widow signed up. The women were mostly young, poor and desperate for work. Many lost their spouses during the wars,...

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