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Nintendo Introduces Miiverse, Slowly Admits The Existence Of Other Mobile Platforms
2012-06-04 10:56:49

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Nintendo announced 2 very large pushes into new markets this morning, just ahead of this week´s E3 Conference in Los Angeles -- Mobile and Social. “Miiverse” will work with Nintendo´s controllers for their newest generation of Wii, called Wii U. Not only can gamers use these new controllers to hunt down the enemy and save the day, they can also use them to connect with their friends and discover which games are most popular among the...

2012-05-07 11:11:44

New research published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Like their healthy peers, children with disabilities may spend too much time in front of a video screen. For children with cerebral palsy (CP), this leads to an even greater risk of being overweight or developing health issues such as diabetes or musculoskeletal disorders. A group of scientists has found that video games such as Nintendo's Wii offer an enjoyable opportunity to promote light to moderate physical...

2012-04-01 23:03:10

UHP's chapter at St. George's University is currently coordinating with various student organizations and faculty to organize the upcoming Wii Olympics fundraiser. The funds from this term's event has been earmarked for Operation ASHA in India and UHP's new programs in Grenada and New York. New York, NY (PRWEB) March 31, 2012 The upcoming fundraiser takes place on Saturday April 21st from 6pm to 12am in Taylor Hall. It is a massive video game tournament hosted by Urban Humanitarian Projects...

Nintendo Working On App Store For Wii U
2012-01-02 11:40:22

Nintendo is reportedly working on an app store for its next gaming console the "Wii U". The new console will implement an app store that surpasses the current online stores that Nintendo uses with its DSi and Wii consoles, according to a report by The Daily. "Wii U owners will be able to use apps that operate on the Wii U itself, such as MLB.TV, and others that run independently on the Wii U´s controller," the report said. The new console will launch in the second half of 2012...

2011-06-08 05:50:00

Video gaming titan Nintendo provided the world with a glimpse of its second-generation Wii console at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles on Tuesday. "Wii U" builds on Nintendo's record of hardware innovation with a controller that resembles a tablet computer touchscreen with toggles and buttons geared toward hit action and shooter games, in what the company hopes will reel in hardcore gamers. But early reviews of the Wii U were mixed at best. Many analysts said the new...

2011-05-04 13:41:17

Nintendo said on Wednesday that it is dropping the price of its Wii game console to $149 and including a Mario game in the bundle. Industry observers have been expecting Nintendo to slash the price of the device. Many believed Nintendo needed to do something to revitalize the console, which for years was unbeatable but in recent months has struggled to maintain its momentum.  Nintendo said in a statement that beginning May 15, consumers can buy a Wii in either black or white for the...

2011-02-01 13:24:09

Dads who still haven't given up video games now have some justification to keep on playing "“ if they have a daughter. Researchers from Brigham Young University's School of Family Life conducted a study on video games and children between 11 and 16 years old. They found that girls who played video games with a parent enjoyed a number of advantages. Those girls behaved better, felt more connected to their families and had stronger mental health. Professor Sarah Coyne is the lead author...

2010-10-26 10:09:00

NEW YORK, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- As the weather cools, many people find it challenging to keep up regular physical activity, an important ingredient for good health. Americans have turned to active-play video games to overcome various barriers to physical activity - from a change of season to lack of time or lack of fun. Some have found that video games that get people up and moving can become a "gateway" to being more physically active. See video from Nintendo of America at:...

2010-09-06 10:11:00

NEW YORK, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ --Summer wasn't the only thing drawing to a close over Labor Day weekend as Nintendo hosted the final championship of its Wii Games: Summer 2010 nationwide competition. Approximately 200 finalists from around the country - joined by family, friends and spectators of all ages - gathered in Redondo Beach, Calif., to get up and get playing with motion-controlled video games for the Wii(TM) system. Tournament play included games such as Wii Sports Resort(TM), Wii...

2010-08-11 06:05:00

The current frontrunner in video game consoles, the Nintendo Wii, has crossed the 30 million mark in the United States, according to Nintendo of America. The Wii reached the milestone in just 45 months, which Nintendo says makes it the fastest-selling console ever. "This milestone is another reminder that people want fun games they can play with others -- all at a value-minded price," Cammie Dunaway, marketing VP for Nintendo of America, told USA Today. Worldwide, more than 73 million...

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Nintendo Wii
2013-08-10 09:19:39

The Wii is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released on November 19, 2006. It is the successor to Nintendo’s Game Cube and the early models of the Wii are compatible with all games and most accessories of the Game Cube. Nintendo first announced the system in 2004, unveiled it in 2005 and demonstrated a prototype in September 2005 at the Tokyo Game Show. By December 8, 2006, the Wii was available in key markets. In 2011, Nintendo released a new model, the “Wii Family...

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