2010-06-10 17:42:00

Cutting Refuge Funding Would Have "Dire Consequences" in Wake of Gulf Oil Spill WASHINGTON, June 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a letter delivered to President Obama today, a national coalition of wildlife conservation and sporting organizations has asked the President to take cuts to the National Wildlife Refuge System's budget off the table as he considers cutting federal agency spending by five percent in FY 2012. The coalition called the proposed cuts "wrong and inappropriate" at a...

2010-04-30 09:56:00

WASHINGTON, April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill is expected to make landfall on two of the most important wildlife areas in the United States, the Delta National Wildlife Refuge, located at the mouth of the Mississippi River and the Breton National Wildlife Refuge, a designated Wilderness first set aside by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. Both are critically important to numerous species including nesting species the recently de-listed brown...

2008-07-20 03:00:25

By Scott Canon, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jul. 20--ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Alaska -- This place is a Zen thing. The only way to tell you've wandered in is the absence of anything saying so. No signs. No road to get here. No advice from government stewards about what to seek out or what to avoid. No entrance fees and no officially licensed T-shirt. This isn't just wilderness, contend those who want to keep it pristine, but a sanctuary for wildness. It is also oil country....

2005-06-23 07:18:45

HAKALAU FOREST NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Hawaii -- Yellowed grasses cover the lower southern slopes of Mauna Kea where impenetrable koa forests once stood on the Big Island. But Hawaii's largest endemic tree, with its sickle-shaped leaves, has reclaimed some of its former territory over the last two decades. Conservationists and small timber harvesters have replanted koa on thousands of acres on the Big Island - the local name for the island of Hawaii - and Maui, increasingly fencing out...

2005-06-04 10:35:00

KENAI NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Alaska -- As soon as biologist Tom Lohuis set the food down, four moose began stomping around in their stables, letting out occasional guttural moans. It was time for the animals' final experimental meal in a five-day project that is part of a broader study examining the nutritional costs of moose procreation. "Hey, hey, hey," Lohuis said as 7-year-old Melody shoved her snout into the dish. "They know exactly what's coming." The project took place at Kenai...

2005-05-27 15:40:00

KENAI NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, Alaska --- The moose were impatient for their supper. As soon as the four ungulates saw biologist Tom Lohuis, they began stomping around in their stables, letting out occasional guttural moans. It was time for their final experimental meal in a five-day research project carried out next to Lohuis' log-cabin office. "Hey, hey, hey," he said as 7-year-old Melody shoved her snout into the dish as soon as he set it down. "They know exactly what's coming." What...

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