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2008-07-30 03:00:35

By Zaleski, Carol THE NEW ATHEIST movement has reached its high-water mark, and there are signs that it is starting to recede. Wishful thinking, you say? Aren't there more and more antireligious tracts on the bestseller lists? Aren't these writers terribly clever? Perhaps so, yet somehow they fail to capture the imagination. There have been times-above all during the 19th century-when the debate between belief and unbelief was a more spirited adventure, engaging combatants of wonderful...

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William Buckland
2013-10-14 14:04:00

William Buckland (March 12, 1784 – August 14, 1856) was an English theologian, ordained Anglican minister, geologist, and the prominent paleontologist of his day. He pioneered the use of fossilized feces, which he named “coprolites,” in the study and reconstruction of ancient ecosystems. Buckland is perhaps best known for naming and describing the very first recognized dinosaur fossil, the Megalosaurus, before the term “dinosaur” ever existed. Buckland was born at Axminster in...

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