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2011-03-01 10:41:30

By Dauna Coulter, Science @ NASA Every day about 100 tons of meteoroids -- fragments of dust and gravel and sometimes even big rocks "“ enter the Earth's atmosphere. Stand out under the stars for more than a half an hour on a clear night and you'll likely see a few of the meteors produced by the onslaught. But where does all this stuff come from? Surprisingly, the answer is not well known. Now NASA is deploying a network of smart cameras across the United States to answer the question,...

2010-06-17 06:00:00

NASA is evaluating the potential risks to spacecraft posed by the upcoming Draconid meteor shower in 2011, a seven-hour storm of tiny space rocks that could possibly damage major Earth-orbiting spacecraft like the International Space Station. Meteor shower risk assessment is more art than science, and some variations have been predicted for the 2011 Draconids by meteor forecasters. Because of this, spacecraft operators are being notified to weigh out defensive steps. Current forecast models...

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