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2010-06-30 10:30:00

According to press reports, veteran NASA shuttle commander Alan Poindexter said in Tokyo this week that there is no time for sex in space among professional astronauts. Poindexter told reporters that astronauts in space focus on the mission at hand first, not each other. "We are a group of professionals," AFP quoted Poindexter as saying to a reporter who asked about the possibilities of sex in space during a Tokyo press event. He said that the key is respect for one's crewmates and for the...

2009-11-11 06:06:24

On Tuesday, former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak pleaded guilty to reduced charges and avoided jail time for her 2007 attack on a romantic rival. Nowak apologized in court to her victim, which was former Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman, before being sentenced to a year on probation. "I am sincerely sorry to cause fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure ... I hope very much that we can move forward from this in privacy," Nowak said after the judge directed her to turn...

2009-07-12 12:35:00

A Florida attorney says that the couple who became famous because of ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak's confrontation and attempted kidnapping are getting married. Kepler Funk, a Melbourne attorney who represents Colleen Shipman, said Friday that she and former space shuttle pilot Bill Oefelein are planning to get married.  The Alaskan couple has not yet set a date. The couple announced their June 20 engagement in their hometown newspapers.  The wedding is planned for 2010 in Pennsylvania....

2008-12-09 08:10:00

The world-renowned trial of former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak has been approved to continue after an appeals court readmitted evidence from a police search of her car. In February of 2007, Nowak was charged with attempted kidnapping, battery, and burglary after authorities say she armed herself with a knife, pepper spray and a steel mallet to assault Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman at Orlando International Airport in Florida. Police said Nowak drove from Houston to Orlando to confront Shipman,...

2007-11-09 00:55:00

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Prosecutors on Thursday appealed a judge's order to strike the arrest interview and vehicle search of former astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of attacking a romantic rival. Circuit Judge Marc L. Lubet agreed last week with the defense that police coerced Nowak and didn't appropriately advise her of her Miranda rights. Assistant State Attorney Pamela Davis' Thursday filing does not specify a cause for appeal. Nowak is charged with attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary...

2007-02-07 09:10:00

American astronauts undergo a psychological assessment when they join NASA but face no further evaluations during their careers unless issues arise during their annual flight physicals, the space agency said yesterday. "No other psychological assessments are done for shuttle astronauts after that initial one unless a concern is raised," said NASA public affairs officer Katherine Trinidad. Navy Capt. Lisa M. Nowak's problems had slipped below NASA's radar and surfaced Monday in a bizarre...

2006-12-02 13:20:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Discovery's seven astronauts are among the most culturally diverse of any space shuttle crew. There are two African-Americans, an astronaut of Indian descent, the soon-to-be first Swede in space, a British-born mission specialist, an Alaskan and a Jersey Boy. It's also the greenest crew in eight years when it comes to spaceflight experience: Five astronauts have never flown in a space shuttle before. The last time a shuttle mission had five rookies was a Columbia crew...

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