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2011-01-20 10:36:45

Married people may think they communicate well with their partners, but psychologists have found that they don't always convey messages to their loved ones as well as they think "” and in some cases, the spouses communicate no better than strangers. The same communication problem also is true with close friends, a recent study has found. "People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers. That closeness can lead people to overestimate how well...

2010-06-20 08:18:52

A large group of scientists, including Jay Pasachoff, Bryce Babcock, and Steven Souza at Williams College, reveal the character of one of the most distant objects in the solar system in a scientific paper which appeared in the June 17 issue of the journal Nature. In observing the object named 2002 TX300 on October 9, 2009, as it passed in front of a distant star, they could tell what its surface is like and its size. For several years, Pasachoff, Babcock, and Souza have worked with James...

2010-02-19 08:30:00

Research presented in a paper by Morgan McGuire, assistant professor of computer science at Williams College, and co-author Dr. David Luebke of NVIDIA, introduces a new algorithm to improve computer graphics for video games. McGuire and Luebke have developed a new method for computerizing lighting and light sources that will allow video game graphics to approach film quality. Their paper "Hardware-Accelerated Global Illumination by Image Space Photon Mapping" won a Best Paper award at the...

2009-06-10 14:38:55

Championing the modern-day use of solar eclipses to solve a set of modern problems is the goal of a review article written by Jay Pasachoff, visiting associate at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College. The review is the cover story of the June 11 issue of Nature, as part of its coverage of the International Year of Astronomy. Pasachoff's review article describes the history of eclipse discoveries, as well as current...

2009-06-03 12:40:00

A new study found that a lowered minimum drinking age could be linked to a higher rate of unplanned pregnancies and premature births. Researchers of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and the University of Georgia in Athens, looked at data from the late 1970s and 1980s when states did not have a uniform minimum drinking age. They discovered a link between a lower legal drinking age of 18 and a higher rate of unplanned pregnancies in young women. Additionally, they wrote in the...

2009-03-31 16:26:00

Under Siege - Where Will We End Up? WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., March 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today the field of journalism is under siege. In a Time's essay (Feb. 5, 2009), former managing editor Walter Isaacson wrote "the crisis in journalism has reached meltdown proportions." And, yet, Inside Higher Education recently reported that applications to Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism have risen by about 40 percent since last year. Where are we going to end up? On...

2009-03-24 09:47:00

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass., March 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In partnership with the Terra Foundation for American Art, the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) presents Prendergast in Italy, the first exhibition devoted entirely to the watercolors, monotypes, and oil paintings by American artist Maurice Prendergast. Featuring over sixty views of Venice, Rome, Siena, and Capri, Prendergast in Italy also includes the artist's personal sketchbooks, letters, photographs, and guidebooks from his two...

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