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2008-10-28 11:10:56

A leading Chinese copyright official on Monday said he disagrees with a new program launched by Microsoft aimed at ending the use of counterfeit versions of its Windows operating system. Launched last week, the "Windows Genuine Advantage" program turns the background of the Windows operating system's desktop black if the software fails a validation test. The new program has angered many of China's 200 million computer users, most of which are assumed to be using counterfeit software,...

2008-10-22 13:10:00

Microsoft has launched a new tool aimed at eliminating piracy of its software among Chinese computer users. The "Windows Genuine Advantage" program has been met with angry reaction from Chinese bloggers. The program is set to turn the user's screen black if the installed software fails a validation test. The majority of its 200 million computer users are assumed to be using counterfeit software. "Why is Microsoft automatically connected with my computer? The computer is mine!" one angry...

2006-07-17 23:56:12

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Software company Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it had filed 26 lawsuits that allege computer dealers sold illegal software. The filings are part of the company's effort to crack down on intellectual property piracy. The lawsuits, filed in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and South Carolina, allege that the computer resellers pirated software or installed unlicensed software on computers they sold, Microsoft said. "Our message should be...

2005-07-26 07:05:00

SEATTLE -- Microsoft Corp. is adopting more stringent controls for registering legitimate copies of its flagship Windows operating system in an effort to curtail piracy of its products worldwide, the world's largest software maker said on Tuesday. Microsoft expanded its "Windows Genuine Advantage" program, requiring users of its software to verify their copies of software in order to receive add-ons to Windows XP. Security-related updates to its software, which are used to plug software flaws...

2004-11-26 12:00:00

LONDON -- Owners of pirated copies of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP operating system can trade them in for the real thing as part of a bid by the software giant to fight counterfeiting. Microsoft said the deal, open only to residents of Britain, would help it fight the proliferation of "high-quality counterfeit versions" of its software. The company said users unsure of the legitimacy of their Windows XP software could submit it to Microsoft for analysis, along with sales receipts and other...

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