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2010-05-10 07:36:33

Survey identifies central, unifying characteristics -- and how wisdom differs from other traits Compassion. Self-understanding. Morality. Emotional stability. These words would seem to describe at least some of the universal traits attributed to wisdom, each of them broadly recognized and valued. In fact, there is no enduring, consistent definition of what it means exactly to be wise. It is a virtue widely treasured but essentially unexplained, a timeless subject only now attracting rigorous,...

2010-01-13 07:59:00

OCALA, Fla., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Wisdom Of The Ages Worldwide, Inc. (WOTAW), located in North Central Florida, has launched the 2010 Furnished, Custom Home and Mercedes or cash equivalent raffle to raise funds for widows and widowers. The Grand Prize in the raffle is a furnished home and Mercedes SL or the cash equivalent (approximately: $800,000). The economic climate has made it challenging for non-profits to raise the much needed money, so Wisdom Of The Ages Worldwide, Inc. looked...

2009-06-02 07:15:00

EL PRADO, N.M., June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- There are several books of anecdotes on the nation's bookshelves, but most of them are devoted to specialized fields such as Hollywood, Broadway, Congress, Business, Science, Sports and so on. Of the few general anecdote books available, one of them was originally published more than 50 years ago. To correct this situation, Levine Mesa Press of Taos, New Mexico, has just brought out a carefully indexed 620-page collection of anecdotes, fables, legends...

2009-04-08 08:35:00

You've often heard people ask, "Where is the wisdom?" University of California San Diego researchers wanted to know where the wisdom is literally "“ in the brain. Their study reviewed the medical literature on brain studies aimed at pinpointing various areas involved in wise thinking. Most used functional neuroimaging studies to gauge changes in blood flow, metabolism, and other factors as people thought about specific things related to wisdom, such as a situation calling for altruism...

2008-12-23 09:10:00

ATLANTA, Dec. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeba Johnson has written a poetry book on life, love, and wisdom. One poem in particular is on how to help stimulate the economy. It is a long poem that tells exactly what our fellow man needs to buy or give through his or her lifetime to help the body and mind work better. It will also create jobs if people follow the advice. All of this was written in the last three months during a diagnosis of anxiety and bipolar. While home from work for three...

2008-12-16 08:10:00

Will $2 million dollars worth of research unlock the age-old saying that if you are older you are in fact wiser? A four-year initiative called Defining Wisdom at the University of Chicago - supported by the Templeton Foundation - hopes to answer the question through the help of 23 scholars. Definitions of wisdom have varied throughout history, and throughout the scholars interviewed for this story. A communications scientist says wisdom involves intelligence that is sensitive to the needs of...

2008-06-24 18:00:00

Although younger adults engage in a lot more social activities, they are no happier with their social lives than older adults, Australian researchers said. Bill von Hippel of the University of Queensland's School of Psychology, in collaboration with Julie Henry and Diana Matovic from the University of New South Wales, measured social activities and social satisfaction in older adults between the ages of 66 and 91, and younger adults between the ages of 18 and 30. Despite older people...

2008-06-16 09:00:15

RES Software, a provider of user workspace management software, has expanded its presence in North America with the opening of new US offices in Irvine, California as well as the addition of several new partnerships designed to increase distribution of RES PowerFuse and RES Wisdom. RES Software's new partnerships with MTM Technologies, Blackhawk Technology Consulting, LPS Integration, Server Centric Consulting and Thin Client Computing continue the company's growth momentum and response to...

2005-08-25 04:28:09

By Borys Kit LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Anthony Hopkins is set to star in "Bobby," Emilio Estevez's passion project about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Demi Moore is in negotiations to join the cast. Part fact and part fiction, the ensemble film chronicles the intertwining lives of a grand cast of characters, all of whom are present at Los Angeles' Ambassador Hotel in the hours leading up to Kennedy's assassination. Hopkins will be the hotel's doorman, and Moore...

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  • A coin of base silver of the Gothic and Lombard kings of Italy.
'Siliqua' comes from a Latin word meaning 'a pod.'