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2009-01-09 07:37:00

Red Sox Star Dustin Pedroia Helps Launch Educational and Fun Savings Program Designed to Teach Kids Financial Literacy and Responsibility Continues Salem Five's Heritage of Providing Sound Banking Options for Children BOSTON, Jan.

2008-11-18 10:36:31

A help-wanted ad for 20 witches isn't conjuring up controversy, just jobs, a Swedish company says. Haxriket i Norden, based in Ahus, Sweden, is advertising its witch hunt to place five witches each of its in four locations, The Local Reported.

2008-10-12 18:00:22

WITCHDOCTORS kill at least 300 people a year to use their body parts for black magic medicine, a shock TV expose claims. Victims are dragged off the streets and mutilated in a sickening belief that potions containing the vile ingredients will bring power, health or money.

2008-10-07 15:00:41

BRUNSWICK - Marilyn R. Pukkila, who identifies herself as a Quaker witch in the Reclaiming Tradition, will give a talk on modern witchcraft at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 15, at Bowdoin College.

2008-08-07 12:01:01


2008-08-05 12:00:55

By Amanda McGregor, The Salem News, Beverly, Mass. Aug. 5--SALEM -- With money expected from a state energy bill, the schools would rehire some first-grade teachers, school librarians and other positions cut from next year's school budget. Superintendent William Cameron Jr.

2008-07-25 21:00:23

By Claudia Palma WALNUT - City leaders are unanimous in their opposition to a plan to build radio towers just outside city limits. The City Council on Wednesday approved a resolution strongly opposing a proposal by Salem Communications, Inc.

2008-07-17 18:00:39

By Stacie N. Galang, The Salem News, Beverly, Mass. Jul. 17--PEABODY -- Police Lt. Edward Bettencourt can keep his pension, a divided Retirement Board voted Thursday morning.

2008-07-10 06:00:42

By Pete Dybdahl pete.dybdahl@roanoke.com 981-3376 The superintendent of Salem schools, Alan Seibert, got a new four- year contract and a raise Tuesday night.

2008-07-09 12:00:24

By Amanda McGregor, The Salem News, Beverly, Mass. Jul. 9--SALEM -- The Atlantic Ocean served as a classroom yesterday for students who mucked along the shore on a scientific mission.

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2009-04-07 16:02:40

The Eurasian Wryneck (Jynx torquilla) is a species of bird that is part of the family of woodpeckers. It breeds in the temperate regions of Europe and Asia. It is a migratory species and winters in tropical Africa and southern Asia. Its habitat is open woodland and orchards. It can also be seen in sandy areas along its migration route as it forages for ants. The wryneck gets its name from the ability to turn its head nearly 180 degrees. When disturbed, it uses this snake-like head...

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