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2010-03-02 10:15:00

The next 10 to 20 years could be extremely significant for restoring wild populations of American bison to their original roaming grounds. But for this to happen, more land must be made available for herds to roam free, government policies must be updated and the public must change its attitude towards bison. A new publication by IUCN, American Bison: Status Survey and Conservation Guidelines 2010, reports on the current status of American bison, in the wild and in conservation herds, and...

2008-11-19 13:55:06

Survey aimed to spark long-term ecological restoration policies Americans are woefully out of touch with the fact that the American bison, or buffalo, is in trouble as a wild, iconic species, but they do love them as an important symbol of their country"”and as an entr©e on the dinner table. These sentiments were found in a public survey released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) at a national conference on restoring bison populations in the North America. The survey...

2008-04-29 16:40:00

Bison can repopulate large areas from Alaska to Mexico over the next 100 years provided a series of conservation and restoration measures are taken, according to continental assessment of this iconic species by the Wildlife Conservation Society and other groups. The assessment was authored by a diverse group of conservationists, scientists, ranchers, and Native Americans/First Nations peoples, and appears in the April issue of the journal Conservation Biology.The authors say that ecological...

2008-04-11 01:55:00

The continued slaughter of bison migrating from the west side of Yellowstone National Park has sparked outrage in environmental groups and bison advocates who requested a moratorium on Thursday.Since last fall, a state-federal livestock disease management program has been forced to kill or remove 1,598 bison seeking food at lower elevations outside the park.Another wave of bison are expected to migrate soon to Montana calving grounds and critics say the slaughter is threatening the viability...

2006-04-04 13:25:00

By Danny Glenwright TORONTO (Reuters) - One of Canada's national symbols has become one of its weightier exports, with the transfer of 30 wood bison from an Alberta national park to a reserve in northeastern Siberia. Canada has succeeded in recent efforts to boost bison numbers and has a small surplus with limited space for the creatures, said Canadian Wildlife Service spokesman, Hal Reynolds. Bison, which have roamed Canada since the last Ice Age, are the largest terrestrial mammal in North...

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