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Tree swallows
2014-09-10 03:00:47

International team of researchers studies one slim bird to answer some big biological questions.

How The Woodpecker Avoids Brain Injury Despite High-speed Impacts
2014-08-13 03:52:28

Designing structures and devices that protect the body from shock and vibrations during high-velocity impacts is a universal challenge.

Can A Better Helmet Be Designed From Studying Woodpeckers?
2011-10-27 09:38:45

Researchers studying woodpeckers could learn to develop more effective helmets that could protect the human head more effectively.

2009-05-01 07:05:00

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- While playing a heated game of Wii(TM) is considered exercise for many, others pine for the days when children scouted out entertainment armed with nothing but their imagination and a few simple toys -- no batteries required.

2006-12-21 12:13:59

Researchers have scoured the area where two Arkansas men reported sighting the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker last week, and more search teams will arrive near the spot in January, an ornithologist with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said Wednesday.

2006-05-18 15:05:04

By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The search for the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker in the swamps of Arkansas has ended for the season with no confirmed sighting, wildlife experts said on Thursday, but they plan to start looking again in late autumn.

2006-04-21 05:20:00

Much like the bird that drew attention to it, Bayou de View - where birders reported seeing an ivory-billed woodpecker - is critically endangered, researchers said Thursday.

2005-12-13 16:40:00

By Deborah Zabarenko BAYOU de VIEW, Arkansas (Reuters) - Among ancient cypress and tupelo trees, bird experts and wildlife officials searched high and low on Tuesday for the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker, peering first into big messy holes in the ground and up at towering limbs.

2005-12-12 12:25:00

It has starred in a video, been widely recorded and graced the cover of a prestigious magazine.

2005-12-11 09:15:00

It has starred in a video, been widely recorded and graced the cover of a prestigious magazine. But to dispel any doubt the ivory-billed woodpecker -- the Elvis of the bird world -- is back from extinction, searchers are combing a corner of Arkansas in an intensive six-month hunt.

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2006-07-15 12:28:42

The Lewis's Woodpecker, (Melanerpes lewis), is a large North American species of woodpecker. One of the largest species of American woodpeckers, Lewis's Woodpecker can be as large as 10 to 11 inches in length. It is mainly blackish-green in color with a black rump. It has a gray collar and upper breast, with a pinkish belly, and a red face. The wings are much broader than those of other woodpeckers, and it flies at a much more sluggish pace with slow, but even flaps similar to those of a...

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