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2009-01-14 06:41:38

Using a 218-year-long temperature record from a Bermuda brain coral, researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have created the first marine-based reconstruction showing the long-term behavior of one of the most important drivers of climate fluctuations in the North Atlantic. The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is a wide-ranging pressure seesaw that drives winter climate over much of North America, Europe and North Africa. Past reconstructions of the NAO have relied...

2008-10-08 15:00:34

U.S. scientists have found organisms thousands of feet below the Pacific Ocean's surface off Santa Barbara, Calif., are feasting on oil -- lots of oil. Until now, nobody knew how many oil compounds were being eaten. But the study led by Associate Professor David Valentine of the University of California-Santa Barbara and Chris Reddy of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts has shed new light on the process. "It takes a special organism to live half a mile deep in the...

2008-07-03 09:00:25

By BRYAN MARQUARD By Bryan Marquard The Boston Globe On the cusp of becoming director of the Marine Biological Laboratory during its centennial year, Harlyn Halvorson made it clear the Woods Hole, Mass., facility would have to evolve along with the research conducted on sea creatures and cells. "If the science that we do here is going to be relevant, we have to build up the year-round programs and supply the facilities for genetic engineering," he told Smithsonian magazine in 1988,...

2008-03-26 04:05:00

Researchers in Massachusetts hope that one day fishing won't require bait. Instead, the team at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory wants to train fish to voluntarily swim to an underwater cage for harvesting by using Pavlovian and trace conditioning."It sounds crazy, but it's real," said Simon Miner, a research assistant at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole.The team has already received a $270,000 grant for the project from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

2005-06-17 13:15:00

WOODS HOLE, MA - It's annual migration time on Cape Cod again, the time of year when Woods Hole squid arrive by the tens of thousands. It's a sign of spring to the fishermen who make a living in this important New England fishery. But here at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), it triggers an influx of hundreds of scientists and students from around the world, who return here faithfully every summer to study the squid and other marine organisms. Sea creatures, it turns out, have been at...

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