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2008-08-07 15:00:26

If you can't make it out to Newport, you can hear parts of the jazz festival on the Internet. National Public Radio will broadcast the sets of some of the biggest names from the festival on radio stations based in New York and New Jersey, and they'll also be putting them on the Internet for live streaming, on-demand listening and, in some cases, "podcasting." Artists from the festival whose shows will be on the Web include Herbie Hancock, Howard Alden and Esperanza Spaulding. The music...

2008-08-02 09:00:18

By Jackie Hunter Metrosexuals come in more than one shape, says Jackie Hunter THE DANDY METROSEXUAL A prancing, posing, preening peacock of a man, whose blatant fondness for stacked heels, big hair, full make-up, flounced shirts and hip-hugging leather trousers paradoxically makes him catnip to red-blooded females. 'Man enough to be a woman' is the message given out by the likes of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Eddie Izzard, Noel Fielding and Russell Brand, above, who want you to know...

2008-07-22 06:00:32

By Bruce Kluger In discussing the 2008 election last week, Jon Stewart cracked jokes about orphans, Viagra and prehistoric monsters. God, I love politics. As someone who moonlights as a satirist, I'm intrigued by the ever-merging traffic on the election news highway, as the campaign bus bumps along just ahead of the tailgating funny cars. This year especially, the laughter is welcome, from The Daily Show's smart and smirky antics to Stephen Colbert's spoofy "truthiness." And...

2006-08-27 12:13:57

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Truthiness" and "Wikiality" -- two of the words popularized by political satirist Stephen Colbert on his TV show "The Colbert Report"-- were named on Sunday the top television buzzwords of the year. The word-trend group Global Language Monitor, in its annual survey of words from television that had an impact on the language, also cited the words "Katrina," referring to continuing stories about the hurricane's destruction; "Katie," a reference to Katie...

2005-12-15 19:35:42

By Arthur Spiegelman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Refugee was named word of the year on Thursday by a language monitoring group that cited the political storm it created when used to describe the hundreds of thousands in New Orleans who fled Hurricane Katrina. The nonprofit Global Language Monitor named refugee to top its annual list. It was followed by tsunami, Katrina, pope and "Chinglish," which describes the "new second language of China." "Out of the Mainstream" was named phrase of...

2005-10-10 14:28:15

By Michele Gershberg NEW YORK (Reuters) - Real men are about to make a comeback. Too many male consumers are getting turned off by their portrayal as preening sissies or incompetent louts in television programs and advertising, according to the authors of a new book on marketing. To reach men, marketers will have to shift gears and appeal to their masculine tendencies, even if the definition of manliness has never been more elusive. "There is a dire shortage of great advertising to...

2005-07-11 04:45:00

LOS ANGELES -- If Apple Computer podcasts, they will come. Or so it seems after the company added support for the new broadcasting technology to its latest version of iTunes. In the days following Apple's June 28 release of the update, podcasters saw significant boosts in press and traffic. And just two days after launching the service, Apple reported more than 1 million podcast subscriptions from the new directory. "We were certainly very, very pleased with the results we saw," Apple VP of...

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2013-03-16 08:36:48

Image Credit: Photos.com A podcast is digital media in a series of related content that is downloaded by a subscription through web syndication or streamed online onto either a computer or mobile device. The word podcast was derived from the terms “broadcast” and “pod,” by the success of the iPod. Most podcasts are streamed or downloaded onto mobile devices such as smartphones and the iPod. The podcast is media transferred to a user’s device, similar to a radio or TV broadcast....

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