Latest Work-life balance Stories

2013-11-04 23:25:02

A recent survey conducted by FlexJobs highlights the benefits for employers who offer flexible work options, such as increased loyalty, reduced employee turnover, and cost savings. Boulder, CO (PRWEB) November 04, 2013 A recent survey conducted by FlexJobs, the leading site for finding telecommuting and other flexible work options, revealed that 83 percent of the 1,300 respondents said that they would be more loyal to their employer if they had flexible work options. Adding to that...

2013-10-14 23:23:31

A coalition of companies, non-profits, and business leaders launch an initiative to inspire one million people to show their support for work flexibility in the 21st century workplace. Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 14, 2013 Today kicked off 1 Million for Work Flexibility, the first national initiative to unite people who support work flexibility. Individuals are encouraged to become one of the million, and in doing so helping to create a bigger voice for productive change in work...

2013-09-30 23:31:46

Poll from Workplace Options reveals that working Americans are mostly satisfied with boundaries between work and home, but feel uncomfortable taking time off. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) September 30, 2013 October marks the 10-year anniversary of National Work and Family Month, a time when businesses, advocacy groups, academic institutions and individuals are called upon to strategically think about work-life balance. Are employees happy with their boundaries between work and home? What can...

2013-09-23 23:22:06

A new poll from Workplace Options examines the issues facing elder caregivers, including who shoulders the responsibility for care. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) September 23, 2013 Today, there are more than seven potential caregivers for every American aged 80 or older, those living in the “high-risk years.” By 2030, that ratio is projected to drop to 4-to-1. By 2050, it will fall to less than 3-to-1. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, Americans are faced with new challenges in providing care...

2013-08-22 23:02:11

Over 1,300 respondents gave feedback on how the fall season affects their job search as well as how flexible job options offer family-friendly time savings and reduce associated costs. Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 22, 2013 A survey conducted by FlexJobs, the leading site for finding a work/life balance job, found that fall is not just “back to school” time, but it’s also a big “back to work” time in terms of both job-seeking and for work productivity. As kids head to class, 33%...

2013-08-14 23:03:03

Premier supplement company Woodbolt International is among 300 recipients of the prestigious Sloan Awards, which recognize companies for their ability to maintain flexible and efficient work environments. New York, NY (PRWEB) August 14, 2013 It has been said that employee satisfaction is the driving force behind the success of a company. Woodbolt International, leading nutritional supplement company, and innovators of the popular brand, Cellucor, received the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan...

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