Latest Workplace bullying Stories

Bad Boss, Bad Marriage?
2011-11-28 13:04:53

Having an abusive boss not only causes problems at work but can lead to strained relationships at home, according to a Baylor University study published online in journal, Personnel Psychology. The study found that stress and tension caused by an abusive boss have an impact on the employee's partner, which affects the marital relationship and subsequently the employee's entire family. The study also found that more children at home meant greater family satisfaction for the employee, and...

Recognizing A Cyberbully
2011-11-16 04:24:02

Anonymous nature of digital aggression clouds identities of virtual bullies The following is part two of a three part National Science Foundation series: Bullying in the Age of Social Media. ( Read part one here. ) Something is happening on playgrounds, in classrooms, in homes and in every walk of life across America. In fact, it's happening internationally. "On December 17, 2010, my daughter was a victim of cyber bullying," writes the father of a Virginia girl.  "There were...

2011-08-30 11:19:55

Second and third graders who are bullied react in a variety of ways–from discussing the problem or striking back to seeking emotional support. A new study in the journal Child Development has found that the types of goals children set in their relationships help determine how they respond to being bullied–and whether they choose responses that are effective. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. "Bullying has become a...

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