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2014-02-03 20:22:40

GENEVA, February 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- New UN Agency report shows cancer is now the world's biggest killer - with the number of cases set to explode in coming years World Cancer Day: On World Cancer Day 2014, a new global cancer report compiled by UN Agency, The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC [http://www.iarc.fr ]) shows:[1] - As a single entity, cancer is the biggest cause of mortality worldwide[2] - there were an...

2013-05-15 23:27:23

Chinese malaria drugs giant, Guilin, launches effort in Africa to enable patients and consumers detect fake malaria drugs using mobile phone technology, goldkeys. Shanghai, China (PRWEB) May 15, 2013 Guilin Pharmaceuticals, the World´s first producer of artesunate prequalified by the World Health Organisation as meeting the global body´s stringent standards for safety, quality and efficacy, has chalked another first. The company, which manages the world´s largest vertically...

Health Benefits From Leaving The Car At Home
2012-06-27 12:22:49

A new study confirms that doing short journeys on foot rather than taking the car or motorbike would avoid the death of 108 men and 79 women a year in Catalonia alone. This would imply annual savings of more than 200 million euros. Researchers from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), headed by Catherine Pérez from the Healthcare Information Systems Service, have estimated the yearly economic benefits from a reduction in death...

2011-12-02 01:18:38

Researchers have discovered that over a million people worldwide diagnosed with TB go on to develop an incurable but manageable fungal infection which is usually left untreated because it is mistaken for a recurrence of the disease. In a new report published today in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, the researchers from University of Manchester and University of Toronto say because the X-ray features and symptoms are so similar doctors often misdiagnose and prescribe the...

2011-11-09 10:05:25

For some time now, artemisinin, derived from a Chinese herb, has been the most powerful treatment available against malaria. To avoid the malaria parasite becoming resistant, the World Health Organisation (WHO) strongly recommends combining artemisinin with another anti-malarial drug. But there are different formulations and derivatives, in different combinations and with dosing schemes. Scientists from the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) carried out a head-to-head comparison of four...

2011-10-20 22:45:18

Even though previous studies have been shown the link between regular exercises and improved health the exact dose-response relation remains unclear. Guenther Samitz, researcher in physical activity and public health at the Centre for Sports Sciences and University Sports of the University of Vienna has investigated this relationship with a meta-study representing more than 1.3 million participants. The research project was carried out in collaboration with public health scientists and...

2011-06-17 13:17:44

Research: Effectiveness of anonymized information sharing and use in health service, police, and local government partnership for preventing violence related injury: Rxperimental study and time series analysis Combining information from hospitals and police can prevent violence and make communities safer, according to a study published on bmj.com today. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified interpersonal violence as a global public health issue. In 2008-9, police recorded over...

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