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2008-10-11 03:00:16

Alcoa reaffirmed its commitment to the pursuit of a sustainable future today, drawing a clear connection between environmental sustainability, through efficiency and conservation, and economic sustainability in the current climate. Speaking at the Alcoa Foundation's worldwide Advancing Sustainability conference in Barcelona, Spain, Alcoa President and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld said for Alcoa, operating in a sustainable way was as much about ensuring a solid economic future as a secure...

2008-08-07 18:00:49

More than 300 global leaders will convene for The World Critical Resources Summit September 5, 2008 at The Times Center in New York City. Expert insights from the United Nations to the U.S. Department of Energy will influence solutions about renewable energy, water, food, medicine, child health and shelter. A new, online public forum will represent global conversations in advance of the conference at www.criticalresources.org/forum and registrations for the event are at...

2008-06-24 21:02:21

By Charles Kochakian NEARING 40 years of age, the environmental movement is spinning its wheels, awash in good proposals it can't get passed. It's focused on litigation and playing within the system instead of moving courageously to build broad, potent alliances that might have the breadth and moxie to save a dangerously imperiled planet. The allegation isn't mine; it comes from James Gustave "Gus" Speth, the epitome of mainstream environmentalism: chairman of the President's Council on...

2006-03-16 00:35:00

By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON -- Human-fueled global warming has reached a "tipping point," according to a new survey of scientific research that found warming would continue even if greenhouse gas emissions halted immediately. "It would keep on warming even though we have stopped the cause, which is greenhouse gases from the combustion of fossil fuels," David Jhirad of the Washington-based World Resources Institute said on Wednesday. The rate of warming would be slower, Jhirad said in a...

2005-05-09 18:06:02

WASHINGTON (AFP) -- General Electric Co. announced plans to double its investment in "cleaner technologies" for energy, transportation and other areas in a major new environmental initiative. GE, the world's biggest company in terms of market capitalization, called the announcement an "initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges." The company will invest 1.5 billion dollars annually on the research by 2010, up...

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