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2009-06-23 14:51:00

China's export quotas, taxes are illegal trade barriers that hurt U.S.

2009-06-16 09:04:00

PARIS, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- - While Some States Envisage a "New Approach" to Resume the Doha Round, the Theses and Figures Put Forward by Pascal Lamy were Contested at the end of the International Workshop Organized at the Sorbonne on June 4th and 5th by momagri's Head Economist Bertrand Munier, University Professor and Chief Economist at momagri, stated at the end of this workshop: "agricultural price volatility, the impact of speculation and the progress made in understanding...

2009-03-27 10:03:00

U.S. regulation of Internet gambling would resolve trade dispute WASHINGTON, March 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As part of a formal investigation, the European Commission has issued a preliminary report that finds U.S. laws on Internet gambling are legally not justified and discriminatory.

2009-03-24 09:55:44

South Korea and the European Union Tuesday agreed to a tentative trade deal that would erase most tariffs between the countries within five years. Just as many nations are passing protectionist measures directly with tariffs or indirectly with domestic subsidies, South Korean and Europe are near completion of a two-year negotiating effort, The New York Times said Tuesday. Trade officials warned that a few disagreements need to be overcome before trade ministers can sign the agreement, which...

2009-03-24 08:03:13

The volume of world trade will likely fall 9 percent in 2009, the largest contraction in more than 50 years, the World Trade Organization said. In a report due Wednesday, the WTO predicted German exports could fall 10 percent this year, the EU Observer reported Tuesday. WTO Director General Pascal Lamy

2009-03-19 10:08:25

Fewer trips into and out of Canada were made in January than a month prior, the federal Statistics Canada agency reported from Ottawa Thursday. Travel out by Canadian residents totaled 3.8 million, a 2.4 percent decline over December.

2009-03-13 13:31:19

China said it may take retaliatory measures against the United States for a ban on Chinese poultry products passed by the U.S.

2009-02-04 20:53:31

A proposed Buy American component in the U.S. economic stimulus plan would violate principles of the World Trade Organization, Japan's prime minister said. The Financial Times reported Wednesday that there is a proposed requirement in the stimulus bill for U.S.

2009-01-27 11:38:48

After losing a World Trade Organization case with the United States over protection and enforcement of copyrights and trademarks, China pledged on Tuesday to cooperate with other countries to secure the requirement of intellectual property rights.

2009-01-22 13:03:37

The head of the World Trade Organization warned the global financial downturn was throwing economies in the Third World into potentially dangerous disarray. Director-General Pascal Lamy told an audience in London Thursday many developing nations depended on demand for exports of raw materials and agricultural goods, which has been drying up in recent months.

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