Latest Wound healing Stories

2013-07-29 23:25:48

BioScience Laboratories, Inc. testing labs develops a new in-vitro biofilm model closely simulating a chronic wound for antimicrobial product testing. Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) July 29, 2013 BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (BSLI) testing labs develops new in-vitro biofilm model. The goal of this research project was to adapt the Colony/drip-flow biofilm reactor (C/DFR) by replacing the growing surface with a sample of sterilized pig skin to more closely emulate an actual wound. Chronic wounds...

2013-07-07 23:02:25

Their Wound Care Stimulen™ Collagen Gel introduces a bioavailable state of hydrolyzed bovine collagen that interacts with the wound in such a way to form a gel that creates a moist wound healing environment. Specifically classified as a collagen-based wound filler, Stimulen™ is ideally suited for use with compromised patients or ‘stalled’ wounds, creating a nutrient rich protective growth medium for the proliferation of healthy cellular growth. Elberton, GA (PRWEB) July 07, 2013...

2013-06-04 23:24:59

Synedgen wins federal funding to test burn treatment to reduce scar formation. Claremont, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013 Because burns tend to heal slowly, become infected and remain inflamed, they can produce scars that are excessive, physically debilitating and functionally damaging. Each year in the US, more than 1 million burn injuries require medical attention. While over the last several decades advances in life saving technology have improved outcomes for burn patients, methods to prevent...

2013-06-03 13:30:35

Penn Medicine study highlights interplay between immune system and tissue regeneration Researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have determined the role of a key growth factor, found in skin cells of limited quantities in humans, which helps hair follicles form and regenerate during the wound healing process. When this growth factor, called Fgf9, was overexpressed in a mouse model, there was a two- to three-fold increase in the number of new hair...

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