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2008-08-09 03:00:11

By Alho, Juha M Fertility is below replacement level in all European countries, and population growth is expected to decline in the coming decades. Increasing life expectancy will accentuate concomitant aging of the population. Migration has been seen as a possible means to decelerate aging. In this article, I introduce a stable, open- population model in which cohort net migration is proportional to births. In this case, the migration-fertility trade-off can be studied with particular...

2006-04-11 16:56:57

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A delegation of Chinese business executives are signing a total of 107 contracts totaling $16.2 billion with U.S. companies ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the United States later this month, a top Chinese official said on Tuesday. Those deals include one to buy 80 Boeing 737 aircraft that will be signed on Tuesday, visiting Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi told reporters.

2005-12-06 18:47:15

By Michael Kahn SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Lao Wu stands among the crates of dried fish and fruit piled outside his small shop and scoffs when asked about a city proposal to ban selling goods on sidewalks in the heart of this city's fabled Chinatown. He points to a delivery man dodging traffic and maneuvering a pushcart through the middle of bustling Stockton Avenue as proof a ban would do little to unclog the sidewalks in one of the largest U.S. Chinatowns. "People are doing this...

2005-08-25 01:12:44

TOKYO (Reuters) - The next round of six-party talks aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear weapons program is likely to make more progress than the previous round, China's top envoy to the forum was quoted as saying on Thursday. "I think there will be more progress than before," visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei was quoted by Mizuho Fukushima, the leader of Japan's Socialist Party, as saying in a meeting. Wu is also set to go to Pyongyang soon, Fukushima told...

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  • Hence Running along or over a surface, as if in the act of licking; flowing over or along; lapping or bathing; softly bright; gleaming.
This word comes the Latin 'lambere,' to lick.