Latest X-10 Graphite Reactor Stories

2009-03-03 06:50:00

A bottle found at a dumpsite has the oldest example of plutonium prepared in a nuclear reactor, scientists announced yesterday. The sample is from 1944 and is an artifact from the early years of the US nuclear weapons program. Scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory utilized nuclear forensic methods to precisely date and find the origins of the sample. The researchers have labeled this "nuclear archaeology." The bottle of plutonium was found in a trench at the Hanford...

2009-01-21 14:46:29

The world's first batch of weapons-grade plutonium ever made has been found abandoned at the world's oldest nuclear processing site. The first nuclear reservation established in 1943 at Hanford, Washington, was built to support the U.S.'s pioneering nuclear weapons program. The site was home to the plutonium-239 for Trinity, the first ever nuclear weapon test in 1945. More Hanford plutonium was used in the nuclear strike on Nagasaki a little more than three weeks later. However, Hanford...

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