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2009-02-12 09:00:45

Our surnames and genetic information are often strongly connected, according to a study funded by the Wellcome Trust. The research, published this week in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, may help genealogists create more accurate family trees even when records are missing.

2009-01-27 05:00:00

Affordable Access to DNA Testing Reveals Family History, Genetic Cousins, Ancestral Occupations, Geographic Origins and More PROVO, Utah, Jan.

2008-12-24 09:57:08

Anyone who has watched crime dramas on TV knows that forensic scientists can use DNA "profiling" to identify people from evidence gathered at a crime scene, establish a paternity link or help free an innocent person who has been wrongly jailed. A lesser known but rapidly growing application of DNA profiling is tracing a person's paternal ancestry"”a process known as genetic genealogy. The laboratories performing this testing often differ in their results, making data comparison between...

2008-11-13 18:00:07

A gene essential to growth and development of most organ systems is also vital to female, but not male, embryonic sexual development, U.S. researchers say.

2008-10-08 11:10:00

Scientists at the university where DNA fingerprinting originated have developed a new technique that shows men with the same surname are highly likely to be genetically linked.

2008-09-24 21:00:30

Counting the copies of a specific gene in cells from a urine sample may provide a simple, non-invasive way to detect bladder cancer, U.S. researchers said. Researchers at The University of Texas M.D.

2008-07-21 08:44:52

GeneTree, a DNA-enabled family history-sharing networking Web site designed to help people understand where their personal histories belong within the greater human genetic story, today added a Y-chromosome DNA testing option allowing participants to search for paternal line ancestors in the world's largest and most diverse genetic genealogy databases.

2008-06-20 00:50:00

Consumer DNA tests are being used by male adoptees to predict the surnames of their biological fathers.

2008-01-09 14:41:44

Fungi don't exactly come in boy and girl varieties, but they do have sex differences. In fact, a new finding from Duke University Medical Center shows that some of the earliest evolved forms of fungus contain clues to how the sexes evolved in higher animals, including that distant cousin of fungus, the human.

2006-01-17 10:35:00

By Siobhan Kennedy DUBLIN (Reuters) - Scientists in Ireland may have found the country's most fertile male, with more than 3 million men worldwide among his offspring.

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