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2006-08-09 00:30:00

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is to auction licenses to foreigners to hunt wild animals, including endangered species, a newspaper said on Wednesday. The government would auction licenses based on types and numbers of wild animals, ranging from about $200 for a wolf, the only carnivore on the list, to as much as $40,000 for a yak, the Beijing Youth Daily said. The auction, taking place on Sunday in Chengdu, capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan, would be the first of its kind in Chinese...

2006-07-05 07:55:00

By Chris Buckley LITANG, China -- Tibetan herdsmen in cowboy hats and traditional robes roar by on gaudy motorbikes. Sun-baked nomads wander around shops owned by Han Chinese migrants. Tibetan and Cantonese pop blares from music stores. Welcome to Litang, a 13,120-foot-high town in China's mountainous far west where Tibetan-populated highlands spill over into Sichuan province. China's social and economic metamorphosis meets head on here with traditional herding ways. "Here is in Sichuan, but...

2006-07-03 03:45:57

By Mark Chisholm TANGULA PASS, China (Reuters) - China's inaugural train from Beijing to Tibet passed its highest point on Monday, with many passengers reaching for oxygen tubes to ward off altitude sickness. As the train climbed, many passengers attached the tubes to their nostrils and announcements warned passengers to avoid sudden movements that could trigger sickness, even in the pressurized cabins. About a third of those traveling in the cheaper cabins, mostly Tibetan...

2006-07-03 01:39:22

By Mark Chisholm TANGULA PASS, China (Reuters) - China's inaugural train from Beijing to Tibet passed its highest point on Monday as passengers sped toward Lhasa amid extra-tight security that underlined the sensitivity of the project. As the train climbed, staff showed passengers how to attach oxygen masks and announcements warned passengers to avoid sudden movements that could trigger altitude sickness, even in the pressurized cabins. The train left Beijing on Saturday evening and...

2006-06-13 20:49:32

By Chris Buckley YAJIANG, China (Reuters) - Amid towering mountains stretching from western China into Tibet, a tiny fungus is luring herders into a feverish treasure hunt that promises wealth to people who have often been bystanders at China's economic party. At a mountain pass more than 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level outside Yajiang County in Sichuan province, a herder, Tangba, and a dozen other men have joined tens of thousands of Tibetans hunkered on treeless slopes...

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2012-08-16 09:35:04

The bos is a genus that holds both domestic and wild cattle, which are split into the four subgenera, Bibos, Bos, Poephagus, and Novibos. However, these separations are debated. Currently, there are five living species recognized in this genus, but this number could rise to seven or nine if domestic cattle and bison, which are closely related, are re-classified into the Bos genus. The members of this genus are native to Asia, Western Europe, Africa, and some areas in North America. Because it...

2006-12-14 13:19:49

Cattle (often called cows in contemporary usage) are domesticated ungulates (hoofed), a member of the subfamily Bovinae of the family Bovidae. They are raised as livestock for meat (called beef and veal), dairy products (milk), leather and as draught animals (pulling carts, plows and the like). In some countries, such as India, they are subject to religious ceremonies and respect. It is estimated that there are 1.4 billion head of cattle in the world today. Cattle were originally...

2006-12-14 13:06:51

The yak (Bos grunniens) is a longhaired humped domestic bovine found in Tibet and throughout the Himalayan region of south central Asia, as well as in Mongolia. In Tibetan, the word yak refers only to the male of the species; a female is a dri or nak. In most languages, which borrowed the word, including English, however, yak is usually used for both sexes. Wild yaks (subspecies B. g. mutus) stand about 6.5 ft (2 meters) tall at the shoulder. Domestic yaks are about half that height. Both...

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