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2011-01-31 20:55:01

A team of Yale University scientists has synthesized for the first time a chemical compound called lomaiviticin aglycon, leading to the development of a new class of molecules that appear to target and destroy cancer stem cells. Chemists worldwide have been interested in lomaiviticin's potential anticancer properties since its discovery in 2001. But so far, they have been unable to obtain significant quantities of the compound, which is produced by a rare marine bacterium that cannot be...

2011-01-07 06:00:00

A new study published Thursday in the journal Science has found that female butterflies that grow up in colder temperatures become more aggressive as adults, actively chasing males for sex and food. "Behavior in these butterflies is changed by the temperatures experienced during development," said study co-author Kathleen Prudic of Yale University, who studied female Squinting Bush Brown Butterflies (Bicyclus anynana). Researchers were curious as to why some females had ornate wing markings...

2011-01-05 13:25:00

Scientists suggest that an extinct flightless bird from Jamaica fought rivals and predators using wings which evolved into clubs. The boney bludgeons the bird carried are unlike anything else known in the bird world. The scientists report finding bones that had apparently been broken by another bird's club. The species may have survived until less than 10,000 years ago. The bird was probably about the size of a chicken, but with an infinitely more robust armory. Fossils show that the...

2010-12-21 13:20:00

Researchers reported on Monday that expanding screening for the AIDS virus to include every American at least once and the highest-risk people once a year could prevent over 80,000 infections over the next 20 years. The team at Yale University and Stanford University in California reported that if treatment for infected people were integrated into a program like this then it would prevent about 212,000 new infections. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends...

2010-12-14 06:30:00

A Yale University study has determined that kids who start the day with a bowl of sugary cereal are consuming almost twice the sugar they would take in eating healthier options. Kids served sugary cereal consumed over 24 grams of refined sugar.  Those given low-sugar cereals were more likely to reach for table sugar, but still consumed about half the amount of sugar overall. The kids who ate either sugary or low-sugar cereals during the study were equally likely to say they enjoyed...

2010-12-08 22:03:43

Yale University researchers have found that a single molecule not only connects brain cells but also changes how we learn. The findings, reported in the December 9 issue of the journal Neuron, may help researchers discover ways to improve memory and could lead to new therapies to correct neurological disorders. The junctions between brain cells over which nerve pulses pass "” called synapses "” are crucial for regulating learning and memory and how we think. Aberrations in the...

2010-12-06 21:18:06

Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adolescents are about 40 percent more likely than other teens to be punished by school authorities, police and the courts, according to a study by Yale University researchers. Published in the January 2011 issue of the journal Pediatrics, the study is the first to document excessive punishment of LGB youth nationwide. "We found that virtually all types of punishment"”including school expulsions, arrests, juvenile convictions, adult convictions and...

2010-12-01 13:43:35

The biggest galaxies in the universe are elliptical galaxies. The largest of these hold over one trillion stars according to astronomical census takers, compared to 400 billion in our Milky Way. However, new research shows that elliptical galaxies actually hold five to ten times as many stars as previously believed. This means that the total number of stars in the universe is likely three times bigger than realized. The hidden stars are known as red dwarfs for their color and small size....

2010-11-21 07:15:00

The president of Peru said Friday that Yale University has agreed to return thousands of artifacts that had been taken away from the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu almost a hundred years ago. Just hours after Peru's announcement, the university issued a statement expressing agreement with the results of its talks with Peru. The artifacts have been at the center of a long dispute for years, with Peru filing a lawsuit against the university in a US court. Peruvian president Alan Garcia said a...

2010-11-04 11:10:00

Suzanne Taylor Muzzin, Yale University While sorting through hundreds of galaxy images as part of the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project two years ago, Dutch schoolteacher and volunteer astronomer Hanny van Arkel stumbled upon a strange-looking object that baffled professional astronomers. Two years later, a team led by Yale University researchers has discovered that the unique object represents a snapshot in time that reveals surprising clues about the life cycle of black holes. In a new...

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