Latest Yangtze Freshwater Dolphin Expedition Stories

2010-06-29 13:15:00

Finless porpoises may be more endangered than previously thought. A new study of finless porpoises, a rare type of toothed whale, found that there are two species, not one, and they rarely intermingle. Scientists say that finless porpoises living in the fresh waters of China's Yangtze river are genetically unique, numbering fewer than 1000.  They warn that greater efforts must be made to prevent these animals. The whales inhabit a wide range of tropical and temperate waters...

2008-06-16 12:00:00

China has set up a conservation and research center for rare fish in the Yangtze River. The center, covering 1.3 hectares in Jiangyin City in the eastern province of Jiangsu, was established last week by the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science and a Jiangyin fish breeding company. The 15-million-yuan (2.1 million U.S. dollars) project will focus on ecology, fish physiology, hydro-chemistry and plankton life. The population of rare fish in the Yangtze River has dropped sharply because of the...

2007-08-29 11:53:54

BEIJING - A white dolphin native to China's Yangtze River that scientists declared extinct last year has possibly been spotted swimming in the wild, offering a small shred of hope for its revival, a researcher said Wednesday. Wang Ding, a researcher with the Institute of Hydrobiology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said a man saw and shot a video of what appears to be a baiji or white flag dolphin in central China's Anhui province on Aug. 19. The white flag dolphin survived for...

2007-08-09 03:10:00

By JEREMY LAURANCE Why are we asking this now? Yesterday, a species of freshwater dolphin found only in the Yangtze river in China was declared extinct. Called the baiji, meaning white flag in Chinese, the Yangtze river dolphin had a pale skin and distinctive long snout and had been found in the river for more than 20 million years. How can we be sure the Yangtze river dolphin is extinct? We can't - but the evidence is very strong. The last confirmed sighting was in 2002 when it was...

2006-12-13 08:40:00

BEIJING -- A rare, nearly blind white dolphin that survived for millions of years is effectively extinct, an international expedition declared Wednesday after ending a fruitless six-week search of its Yangtze River habitat. The baiji would be the first large aquatic mammal driven to extinction since hunting and overfishing killed off the Caribbean monk seal in the 1950s. For the baiji, the culprit was a degraded habitat - busy ship traffic, which confounds the sonar the dolphin uses to find...

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