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2006-02-27 18:35:00

By Kevin Krolicki DETROIT (Reuters) - Louisiana, struggling to rebuild from Hurricane Katrina, now faces a potential scourge of mosquitoes as insects hatch in storm-created breeding grounds, scientists said on Monday. The expected surge in the mosquito population this summer around New Orleans raises worries about the risk of an accompanying increase in cases of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, public health officials said. "The mosquitoes have just taken off," said Janet McAllister, an...

2005-06-16 22:55:00

In one of the first molecular studies of the human antibody response to yellow fever, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) researchers and their colleagues have found the crucial bit of virus that people's immune systems need to spot and quash this often-fatal re-emerging disease. The findings may help scientists improve the existing vaccine, which has rare but severe side effects, said Jan ter Meulen, an HHMI international research scholar and associate professor of virology at Leiden...

2005-06-16 07:20:00

Tulane researcher seeks to build a better bug trap For almost an hour at a time, twice a day, two days a week in the deep heat of a Louisiana summer, Dawn Wesson stands in an urban backyard like a human scarecrow, arms spread wide, trying to attract mosquitoes. She wears no repellant, but she does wear full protective gear, including a lightweight coverall with head net and gloves. The two species of mosquitoes that can transmit yellow fever and dengue fever will be attracted to her odor and...

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2011-03-04 17:38:30

Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease with a 40 to 50 nm enveloped RNA virus with positive sense of the Flaviviridae family. It is transmitted by the bite of female mosquitoes and is found in tropical and subtropical areas in South America and Africa, but not in Asia. Primates and a few kinds of mosquitoes are the only known hosts. The origin of the disease is most likely Africa. From there it was introduced to South America through the slave trade in the 16th century. There...

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