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Japanese Officials Google Privacy Settings
2013-07-12 09:35:57

Most people worry about their privacy settings on Google, but government officials and journalists in Japan learned their lesson the hard way when they realized that privacy settings on Google Groups had been overlooked, leaving documents and exchanges to be leaked.

Construction Firm Proposes Space Elevator
2012-02-26 06:12:53

A Japanese construction company has announced plans to design and build the world's first space elevator, which they are hoping to have completed in the next 40 years.

2010-08-24 11:45:00

A report on Tuesday said that Toshiba is planning to launch the world's first 3D television that does not need special glasses to view.

2009-06-21 20:01:47

Lighters may be forbidden on U.S.

2009-04-19 14:33:19

Japanese officials have detailed the corporate financial backing of their bid to land the 2016 Summer Olympics to evaluators, officials say. After a state dinner thrown in Tokyo Saturday for the International Olympic Committee's Evaluation Commission, Japan Olympic Committee members presented detailed pictures of the Tokyo bid's finances and marketing plans, The Daily Yomiuri reported. Japan has a strong corporate community with 47 of the top 500 companies in the world based in Tokyo, Japan...

2009-04-01 14:22:16

The Japanese Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry estimated 192,061 non-regular jobs will be lost between October and June.

2009-02-25 23:00:00


2009-02-16 09:55:02

A tax evasion investigation in Japan widened to include the possibility of firms receiving kickbacks for securing construction project contracts, sources said. Norihisa Oga, president of consulting firm Daiko, allegedly received tens of million of yen from Nishimatsu Construction Co.

2009-02-13 21:05:00

Tokyo has promised to put on environmentally-friendly and reasonably priced Olympic Games if it is picked to host the 2016 Summer Games, officials said.

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