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2011-09-20 22:32:01

In a study that included more than 600,000 individuals born in Sweden between 1973-1979, those born preterm (less than 37 weeks gestation) had a higher risk of death during early childhood and young adulthood than persons born at term.

2011-06-24 22:54:51

Adolescents who diet and develop disordered eating behaviors (unhealthy and extreme weight control behaviors and binge eating) carry these unhealthy practices into young adulthood and beyond.

2010-04-27 18:47:46

Despite living in an age of iPads and hybrid cars, young Americans are more like the young adults of the early 1900s than the baby boom generation: They are living at home longer, are financially insecure and are making lower wages.

2010-02-25 06:20:00

A government report released Wednesday shows that nearly a third of all young adults in the United States have no health insurance.

2009-12-09 10:41:22

Research: Cardiac outcomes in a cohort of adult survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer: Retrospective analysis of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study cohort.

2009-09-27 23:26:20

Substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, homicide and vehicle crashes peak in young adulthood, a group least likely to be insured, U.S. researchers say. Dr. Robert J.

2009-08-07 17:56:13

Forty-eight percent of young U.S. adults maltreated as children have mental health problems, but less than one-quarter get treatment, researchers say.

2008-07-24 15:01:08

A 10-year study in Britain finds the comfortably off, white and middle aged are the most likely to participate in sporting activities, researchers said. The findings are based on data from several of the annual Health Surveys for England from 1997 to 2006 involving 61,000 adults -- 27,217 men.

2006-01-18 11:25:00

By Graciela Flores NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - During the transition from adolescence to adulthood, health risk increases and access to health care decreases across all race/ethnic groups, according to a study funded by the National institutes of Health.

2005-06-17 23:50:40

New research uses longitudinal evidence to help understand anger and distinguish between people for whom anger is an occasional experience – and therefore quite normal – and those for whom it is more persistent.

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