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2008-10-05 09:00:12

Text of report by London-based opposition newzimbabwe.com website on 4 October [Report by Lebo Nkatazo: "Air Zimbabwe Resumes Flights After Pilots End Strike"] Air Zimbabwe planes were back in the air late Friday after pilots ended their strike action over allowances and general working conditions. The airline was caught off guard when all its pilots called in sick on Friday morning, and therefore unfit to fly as per aviation practice. The airline immediately issued a statement saying...

2008-10-04 06:00:11

Text of report by London-based opposition newzimbabwe.com website on 3 October [Report by Lebo Nkatazo: "Air Zimbabwe Grounds Planes as Pilots Strike"] Air Zimbabwe cancelled domestic and regional flights on Friday after all its pilots feigned sickness in a row over allowances. The state-owned carrier said Friday it had suspended flights with immediate effect because most of its pilots were sick. In a statement, the carrier said all flights on Friday and Saturday had been cancelled,...

2008-09-30 12:00:33

Text of report by London-based opposition newzimbabwe.com website on 28 September [Text of Statement of Zimbabwe's Prime Minister-Designate Morgan Tsvangirai on Food, Humanitarian Situation in Country Sep 27: "Tsvangirai: We Must Respond to Crisis With Utmost Urgency"] The following is a statement by Zimbabwe's Prime Minister- designate Morgan Tsvangirai on the food and humanitarian situation in the country issued on September 27, 2008: Fellow Zimbabweans, I have spent the past few...

2008-09-26 09:00:40

Text of report by South Africa-based ZimOnline website on 26 September [Report by Wayne Mafaro: "Doctors Warn of Looming Health Disaster in Zim Cities"] Harare - A Zimbabwe doctors' organization has warned of a looming health disaster in the country's cities and said a new power- sharing government to be formed by the country's rival political leaders should act urgently to provide clean water in urban areas. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) said in statement...

2008-09-22 15:00:41

Research and Markets Laura Wood Senior Manager Fax from USA: 646-607-1907 Fax from rest of the world: +353-1-481-1716 press@researchandmarkets.com Logo: http://www.researchandmarkets.com Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/ f64bc0/zimbabwe_telecom) has announced the addition of the "Zimbabwe - Telecoms Market Overview & Statistics" report to their offering. Zimbabwe's almost decade-old deep political and economic crisis has not spared the...

2008-09-22 15:00:37

Text of report by privately-owned Zimbabwean weekly Financial Gazette on 18 September The distribution of emergency food supplies to starving peasants across the country after a four-month suspension of relief aid has resumed. A convoy of Red Cross Red Crescent trucks left warehouses in Harare, Bulawayo, and Mutare yesterday carrying 383 metric tonnes of food aid for vulnerable communities countrywide as part of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)'s...

2008-09-21 15:00:12

Text of report by privately-owned Zimbabwean weekly newspaper The Standard website on 20 September [Report by Walter Marwizi: "Deal in Danger as Mbeki is Recalled"] Concern mounted yesterday that the power-sharing agreement, hamstrung by a deadlock over the allocation of cabinet ministries, faced another threat after the African National Congress (ANC) asked the mediator Thabo Mbeki to resign as President of South Africa. The decision, described in South Africa as a political...

2008-09-17 12:00:13

Text of report by influential, privately-owned South African daily Business Day website on 17 September [Report by Dumisani Muleya: "ZANU (PF) Top Brass Resist Unity Deal"] A day after signing a power-sharing agreement with the opposition, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was yesterday fighting political fires in his own ZANU (PF) ruling party as hardliners resisted the deal. The flare-up within the faction-ridden ZANU (PF) threatens the deal before the first steps towards...

2008-09-17 09:00:27

Text of report in English by Japan's largest news agency Kyodo Tokyo, Sept. 17 Kyodo - Japan on Wednesday welcomed the power- sharing deal between President Robert Mugabe and the opposition in Zimbabwe and expressed hope for stability and an improvement in the human rights situations. "Japan welcomes the agreement reached between the ruling and opposition camps in Zimbabwe on Monday and hails the efforts of the parties concerned," Foreign Ministry Press Secretary Kazuo Kodama said in a...

2008-09-17 09:00:19

Text of report by influential, privately-owned South African daily Business Day website on 16 September [Report by Dumisani Muleya: "'Inclusive Cabinet' Plan for Zimbabwe"] AN INCLUSIVE cabinet of Zanu (PF) and two factions of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) will be named this week as the first step of Zimbabwe's power-sharing deal. Signed yesterday amid pomp and fanfare, the deal raised hopes of ending the country's decade-long political and economic crisis. The new government...

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2007-12-21 11:03:40

The Grey Rhebok or Grey Rhebuck (Pelea capreolus), is a species of antelope endemic to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland. They prefer grassy, mountainous habitat They are also known as the Vaal Rhebok or Vaalribbok. Rheboks carry a woolly grey coat to insulate them from the cold of their habitat. Only the males carry the straight horns. Males become extremely aggressive during the breeding season.

2007-10-24 16:32:18

The Bokmakierie (Telophorus zeylonus), is a bushshrike and a passerine bird closely related to the true shrikes in the family Laniidae. This species is endemic to southern Africa, mainly in South Africa and Namibia, with an isolated population in the mountains of eastern Zimbabwe and western Mozambique. It is a species of open habitats, including karoo scrub, fynbos and parks and gardens in urban areas. The adult Bokmakierie is a 8.6-9.0 inch long bird with olive-green upperparts and a...

2007-01-19 19:26:46

The yellow mongoose is a small mammal averaging about 1 lb (1/2 kg) in weight and about 20 in (500 mm) in length. A member of the mongoose family, it lives in open country. It resides from semi-desert scrubland to grasslands in Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. There are as many as twelve subspecies of yellow mongoose. In general, the yellow mongoose has lighter highlights on the underbelly and chin, a bushy tail. Southern yellow mongooses are larger. They have...

2007-01-01 16:39:37

The yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) is a baboon from the Old World monkey family. It has a slim body with long arms and legs and a yellowish-brown hair. It resembles the chacma baboon but is smaller. Its muzzle is not as elongated. The hairless face is black, framed with white sideburns. Males can grow to about 33.07 in (84 cm), females to about 23.62 in (60 cm). It has a long tail that grows to be nearly as long as the body. The yellow baboon inhabits grasslands and light forests....

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