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Viviparous Blenny Zoarces vivaparous
2013-01-03 16:04:17

The viviparous blenny is also called the viviparous eelpout and lives in the cooler waters of the Northeast Atlantic; also in the Baltic, Barents, North, Irish, and White Seas. Ranging to depths of 130 ft., this species inhabits rocky shorelines, tide pools, and occasionally inlets of the English Channel. The viviparous blenny may also be found out of water under seaweed and rocks because of...

Ocean Pout Zoarces americanus
2012-12-29 15:39:31

The ocean pout has antifreeze proteins in its blood so it is able to survive in water temperatures ranging from freezing to 50 degrees “F” in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Primarily off the eastern coast of Canada and New England, it lives where the ocean floor is hard and in depths ranging up to 1200 ft. or more. Seldom, this species is caught where the ocean floor is sandy or muddy....

Twoline Eelpout Bothrocara brunneum
2012-12-29 15:25:10

The twoline eelpout is native to the deep water between the Bering Sea and Mexico, including Attu Island, also in the north western Pacific from northern Russia to southern Japan. This fish is a bottom dweller called a bathydemersal (below 650 feet) and is found at depths 2,000 - 6,000 feet where a sandy or muddy ocean floor is found. The twoline eelpout is the only eelpout species with two...

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