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2010-07-30 15:15:00

A zedonk is attracting attention at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Georgia after being born there a week ago. The animal, which is an unusual cross between a donkey and a zebra, has black stripes prominently displayed on her legs and face. C.W. Wathen, the preserve's founder and general manager, told The Associated Press that the foal has zebra instincts.  Wathen said she sits up instead of laying on her side, as if she's staying alert for predators. Donkeys and...

2006-06-03 09:05:00

CASTLE DALE, Utah -- Raising zebras is hardly as simple as black and white. The striped equines are still wild animals at heart, leaving only a few patient and experienced breeders that offer the animals for a small market of exotic animal collectors, petting zoos or people who just want a zebra. "Not everybody in town has one. Everybody in town should have one," breeder Duane Gilbert says with a grin. "They're neat." They're also quite temperamental, so maybe not everybody is ready for one....

2005-04-29 08:15:00

ST. THOMAS, Barbados (AP) -- It's male. But what is it? A zonkey? A deebra? That's the debate in Barbados since a zebra gave birth to a foal sired by a donkey. Alex was born April 21, a milk-chocolate brown creature with the black stripes of a zebra on his ears and legs. His face looks more like a horse, with a distinctive black "V" patch on the forehead. "It's really funny and a little bit freaky," said Natalie Harvey, a 29-year-old waitress. "I was stunned to hear about such a weird thing...

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