February 27, 2013

Antonio develops P37 S65 Elderly Care Bot

The worldwide population is growing older. Over the next decades it is likely that our social systems and care resources will have to be expanded at high rhythms. Not only the challenge deals with the quantity of care required but also with the quality of the care provided to individuals. In 2009 Antonio Espingardeiro had a vision of developing robots and automation to expand human capabilities for social assistance.
By the end of 2012 Antonio had successfully developed P37 S65, one of the most advanced Social Assistive Robots (SARs) in the world. The robot is capable of assisting caregivers and families in the exercise of elderly care. Antonio believes that the use of SARs is an extension of human care and involves a fusion between the curriculum of ethics and Robotics science.

credit: Antonio ESpingardeiro

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