March 1, 2014

NASA Spots New Near-Earth Asteroid

NASA got some interesting footage of an asteroid using its Deep Space Network. Astronomers took this collage of radar images of near-Earth asteroid 2006 DP14. From the radar, they determined that the asteroid is 1,300 feet long, 660 feet wide, and shaped like a big peanut. But that’s kind of normal as it’s a type of asteroid known as a “contact binary” because it has two large lobes on either end that appear to be in contact. But don’t think near-Earth is so near. The asteroid at the time the images were taken was about 2.6 million miles away and came with 1.5 million miles at its closest. Scientists say radar is a great technique for finding asteroid size, shape, rotation, surface features, and surface roughness.

[ Read the Article: Asteroid Imaged By NASA Scientists Using Deep Space Network ]

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