October 15, 2013

Augmented Reality CastAR Glasses Move To Kickstarter

Former Valve Software employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson have taken their CastAR glasses to Kickstarter. After being let go from Valve, they continued to work on their augmented and virtual reality glasses and are looking to raise $400,000 via crowdsourcing to turn their concept into a consumer product. The glasses have tiny projectors on the top that layer game and video data images over the real world. They use existing 3D technology to give the image depth while sensors track head motion and adjust the perspective. They are also a Virtual Reality solution with clip-on peripherals to the glasses. To get these AR/VR capabilities, you need to contribute $285. Makers say CastAR literally puts you in the game!

[ Read the Article: castAR Launches 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Via Kickstarter ]

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