February 19, 2014

Could Google Glass Have New Competition?

Researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology introduced K-Glass – a head-mounted display that enables users to do things such as find restaurants all while checking out the menu. Walk up to the restaurant, look up at the name and a 3D image of food pops up for you to see – which might be bad if you’re really, really hungry. Also, you might see the number of available tables inside. The glasses use the world’s first augmented-reality chip that works just like human vision, with a processor that works like the human brain to process visual data. The glasses are meant to recognize a target object, then display a 3D model to coincide along with additional information on the top-right side. The companies say wearable devices will eventually take over smartphones and that through augmented reality, we will have “richer, deeper, and more powerful reality in all aspects of our life.”

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