October 14, 2013

Say Hello To The Bionic Man

The bionic man made his U.S. debut at New York Comic Con recently. Made by Shadow Robot Company in the UK, the man features realistic human body parts from 17 different manufacturers. He’s one tall, handsome guy standing 6.5 feet. He has 60-70% the functionality of a real person with a heart that pumps 200 gallons of blood per minute, a microchip that acts like the human eye, lungs and all – and can even stand up and sit down. But he’s no real boy yet with of course no brain, digestive system, liver or skin. And this is actually a little creepy. He’s modeled after a social psychologist at the University of Zurich who was born without a lower left arm and wears a bionic prosthesis. He said it was a shock to see a bionic man’s face that so closely resembled his own.

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