November 4, 2014

How Can Family-Style Meals Combat Childhood Obesity?

The University of Illinois Child Development Laboratory has a suggestion for daycares—how about having a family-style lunch or dinner? When I think family-style, I think of how I overstuff myself, but experts say that sitting kids down to a table to eat, having them serve themselves and pass food helps them recognize they are no longer hungry. They say pre-plated meals don’t teach children to read their own body’s hunger cues. Family style meals teach them about portion control and care givers should ask children if they are “full” instead of “done.” They also shouldn’t encourage them to eat “another bite.” This recommendation is to help combat obesity as 25% of all preschoolers are overweight or obese and 12 million preschoolers eat 5 or more snacks or meals at U.S. care facilities each day.

[ Read the Article: Family-Style Meals Can Help Daycare Kids Combat Obesity ]

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