November 18, 2013

GMO Tomato Mimics HDL, Lowers Cholesterol

Doctors at UCLA tested how a novel, genetically engineered tomato could lower the negative impact of a specific type of lipid found in the small intestine. Research has shown that these lipids, or LPAs, play a great role in generating high cholesterol levels. The new tomato mimics HDL or good cholesterol. Researchers tested these tomatoes on mice and found that adding just 2.2.% of the genetically engineered fruit prevented the rise in the level of LPAs in the small intestine, stopped the increase of bad cholesterol and the decrease in good cholesterol. Researchers said that “recognizing the importance of these minor lipids in the small intestine may lead to ways to reduce their levels and prevent abnormalities in blood levels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol that contribute to heart attack and stroke.”

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