October 31, 2013

Citizens, Get Your Science On This Halloween!

A collaboration between two San Francisco universities and the Natural History Museum in LA have created ZomBeewatch. The goal is to learn where North American bees are being parasitized by Zombie Flies. These infected honeybees exhibit “zombie-like” behavior leaving their hives at night on a “flight of the dead.” Then fly larvae eat the insides of the bee, maggots pupate, then emerge as adult flies. Citizen scientists are called to action to collect these dead bees, label them, take photos, see if the pupae emerge, and submit all your data to the ZomBee Watch site. Creepy and crawly more your treat? Explorit’s Computer Science Project wants you to take pictures of spiders in your area and submit them online for a database to find out where spiders are living to understand how climate change is impacting the creatures.

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