August 14, 2014

Many Employees Go To Work Sick

A new NSF international survey found that one in four Americans clock in when they would rather take some NyQuil and clock out instead. The biggest reason, at 42%, was due to workload. Participants said they couldn’t afford to miss deadlines, while 37% said they just simply couldn’t afford to miss work. Twenty-five percent said their employer expects them show up no matter what. While you might keep the hand sanitizer handy in the presence of a sick co-worker, the survey showed we don’t typically judge, with only 16% saying they thought their sick colleagues were selfish for not staying home. But we will probably tell them to go home as 57% of participants said they would tell a sick co-worker to leave work if they were too sick to stay.

[ Read the Article: One In Four American Workers Say They Go To Work When Sick ]

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