August 4, 2014

Healthcare That Follows You From Home To Hospital And Back: Smart America Expo

Professor Marjorie Skubic from the University of Missouri has created a suite of health care technologies that identify when an individual falls in their home or when their physical behavior changes over time.

However, how does a physician at a hospital know about and use information gathered by devices like those designed by Skubic for the home? And likewise, how does information about a patient’s condition in the hospital get incorporated into technologies like Skubic’s when they return to their home?

As part of the Closed Loop Healthcare team, Skubic worked to connect the technologies she’s created with those developed by other teams with similar health care goals. The team’s ultimate aim is to “close the loop” of health care coverage so devices, data and doctors’ diagnoses can be integrated for the good of the patient.

Credit: National Science Foundation

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