April 24, 2014

Cutting Up Food Can Make Kids Less Rowdy

There’s a new secret to get your child to behave at the dinner table—cut up their food! A new Cornell study published in Eating Behaviors, found that when 6-10 year old children ate food that they had to bite with their front teeth, chicken on the bone, they were rowdier than when the food had been cut into bite sized pieces. “Children who ate chicken off of the bone were twice as likely to disobey adults and twice as aggressive toward other kids,” said Brian Wansink, Professor and Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.

The bottom line for parents is this “If you want a nice quiet, relaxing meal with your kids, cut up their food,” according to Wansink. He had different bottom line advice for school lunchroom staff, “If drumsticks, apples, or corn on the cob is on the menu, duck!”

Credit: Cornell University Food and Brand Lab

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