September 14, 2012

Hottest Temperature On Record Goes Back To Death Valley – The Daily Orbit

Where’s the hottest spot to be? Here’s a hint it’s not Vegas…

Can you hear me?  If not, we’ll tell you why that may be!

And always forgetting your password?  Help’s on the way!

All that and more coming up on the Daily Orbit!

Hello Orbiters….I’m Emerald Robinson Welcome to the Daily Orbit!

And the winner, of the of the hottest temperature on record goes to….(dramatic pause) death valley!!!! (toss the envelope)  After a long debate, the World Meteorological Society has determined that the July 10, 1913, 134 degree temperature in Death Valley, CA, stands as the hottest on record.  A reported temperature of  136.6 on September 13, 1992, in El Azizia, Libya, had contested the Death Valley Record.  However after researching the accuracy of this report, leading meteorologists say that the use of an obsolete “six-bellini” thermometer and an inexperienced observer resulted in a erred analysis in Libya.   So here’s to you Death Valley, the hottest place on Earth!

Think there’s nothing out there in the dark….well there is…dark energy.  According to a new two year study, dark energy probably does exist!  Scientists concluded that the likelihood that this mysterious substance exists stands at 99.996%.  More than a decade ago, astronomers realized that the expansion of the universe seemed to be accelerating.  They attributed this phenomenon to a repulsive force associated with dark energy, now thought to make up 73% of space— though they have no idea what it consists of.  Since then, the actual existence of dark energy has remained a controversial topic.  The researchers say their study, which tracked changes in light as it passed through the gravitational fields of lumps of matter, proves that this dark energy is real.  I’m hearing the Star Wars theme song in my head.  Luke I am your father….

Why so sad little monkey?  Isn’t it almost scary how human this monkey looks? Found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the “lesula” monkey is the first new species of monkey to be  identified in the last 7 years.  After much analysis, scientists determined that the lesula was in fact a new species and a cousin to the owl-face monkey.  With a pink face and gold mane, the lesula’s coloration sets it apart from any other species. Although well-known to the hunters in Congo’s Lomami basin, lesula had eluded the outside world.  Scientists say this finding demonstrates that there are still places in the world that we don’t know much about. Does anyone else think he looks photoshopped?

Wait, what did you say???  Popping pills can harm your hearing?  New findings suggest popping that pill might help your pain, but hurt your hearing.  A study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital showed that women who took ibuprofen or acetaminophen two or more days a week had an increased risk of hearing loss— and an even greater risk with increased use.  Researchers found no correlation between hearing loss and aspirin.  So I guess, that’s what happened to my hearing!

Do you have trouble remembering all those passwords for your different accounts?  Yeah!  Well, Intel announced a new technology that may solve your password problems with the palm of your hand.  The company recently unveiled its new biometric technology that recognizes the unique patterns of veins on a person’s palm.  The user waves their hand in front of the computer, which securely communicates the identity of the user to the secure account.  Intel says the system will remove the need for users to remember and enter individual passwords on a variety of different websites.  The technology does require new software and biometric sensors built into consumer devices.

Well, that’s it for the today’s Daily Orbit! (Waving) Don’t steal my password!

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