September 2, 2014

Teens Drivers And Distracted Driving

According to new research from NIH and Virginia Tech, drivers spend about 10% of the time behind the wheel taking their eyes off the road to talk, text, and other distractions. And they found newly-licensed teenagers are the worst. There’s a reason why their insurance premiums are higher. The study found that it wasn’t talking in particular that was the dangerous part of the phone call, but the dialing. After installing cameras, GPS, and other gadgets in cars of teenagers and adults alike, they found that younger drivers were 7 times more likely to crash or near-miss while dialing and four times more at risk if texting. For us older kids, only dialing really increased the chances of an incident. And while it’s novice drivers researchers say have a higher crash risk, it’s important that everyone keep their eyes on the road.

[ Read the Article: Nearly 10 Percent Of Driving Time Occurs While Distracted: Study ]

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