October 2, 2013

Earthquake Risks In America’s Heartland

New research from the US Geological Survey shows that a zone from Marked Tree, Arkansas to Paducah, KY and down to Memphis, TN will continue to be at a greater risk for earthquakes than adjacent areas. Why? This area sits on the New Madrid Seismic Zone comprised of weak rocks found deep in Earth’s mantle. A series of some of the largest earthquakes in American history rocked this region between 1811-1812, and there have been smaller earthquakes since then. Looking at new high-resolution images of these rocks, scientists say they are better able to understand their characteristics and mechanical behavior and how they can handle a constant stream of stress and pressure. They say this detailed mapping will be beneficial in applying building codes to protect vulnerable communities, as well as learning more about zones of weakness that can be applied worldwide.

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Thumbnail and Some Background Images Credit: Thinkstock.com

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