July 6, 2012

East Coast ‘Derecho’

This movie of the derecho that affected the Eastern United States in late June 2012 was created by imagery from NOAA’s GOES -13 satellite. It begins on June 28 at 1515 UTC (11:15 a.m. EDT) and ends on June 30 at 1601 UTC (12:01 p.m. EDT). The derecho’s clouds appear as a line in the upper Midwest on June 29 at 1432 UTC. By 1602 UTC, they appear as a rounded area south of Lake Michigan. By 2132, the area of the derecho’s clouds were near Lake Erie and over Ohio expanding as the system track southeast. By 0630 UTC, the size appears to have almost doubled as the derecho moves over West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. At 0232 UTC on June 30 (10:32 p.m. EDT), the Derecho was over the mid-Atlantic bringing a 100 mile line of severe storms and wind gusts as high as 90 mph to the region.  Credit: NASA GOES Project

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