September 25, 2013

Galaxy Zoo 2 Project Crowdsourcing Catalogue

Eighty-three thousand volunteers, 300,000 galaxies, 16 million galaxy classifications and an equivalent of 30 years of work all rolled up into one to create the Galaxy Zoo 2 Project. An international group of citizen scientists collaborated with the University of Minnesota in a galaxy crowdsourcing project to create a catalogue of more than 300,000 nearby galaxies. Researchers say computers are good at measuring properties like size and color, but they’re not so good at things like shape and structure. Each image was classified an average of 40-45 times to total more than 16 million classifications of the more than 300,000 galaxies to create the largest catalogue ever. Researchers said it would have taken one lone researcher about 30 years of work to complete such a feat. The catalogue can be found at Didn’t pitch in on this one? No worries! You can join the next one to help create a catalogue of galaxies from the distant past. Go to to participate.

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